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FORTIFIED Home™ is a national, third-party verification program designed by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) to help you assess the condition of your home, and then strengthen your home through an evaluation, inspection, and retrofitting process that is tailored to meet the challenges of specific, regional natural hazards. Depending upon the natural hazard, the program may involve a combination of Tiers and Levels to achieve varying degrees of disaster resistance. FORTIFIED Home™ is an incremental program, meaning that each of the lower level retrofit requirements must be completed before moving onto the next level, and each level builds in additional disaster protections.

A FORTIFIED designation recognizes and celebrates your commitment to protecting your family and property by reducing the risk of physical danger and by reducing the risk of financial loss when an event occurs.
If you would like a stronger, safer, more durable home for you and for your family, a FORTIFIED Home is right for you. FORTIFIED homes are very likely to need fewer repairs after disaster strikes than if it had not been retrofitted. FORTIFIED homes are better for the environment in the long run because they are not likely to end up as debris in landfills following disasters, and the modifications are affordable.
The benefits of a FORTIFIED Home include a greater quality of life through increased safety, as well as economic benefits including less financial risk, lower repair costs, and less disruption for you and your family after an event.
FORTIFIED Home designated homes may also be eligible for financial benefits such lower insurance rates.
FORTIFIED programs are recognized and supported by both public and private property insurers around the country. Some offer discounts or other incentives for superior construction, including FORTIFIED. For information on what kinds of premium credits, discounts or other incentives your specific insurer may provide, contact your insurance company or agent and ask them how FORTIFYING your home will affect your insurance costs.

For more information on the FORTIFIED Home™ program, please visit DisasterSafety.org